Trade terms

All books are complete and in good condition with publisher´s printed wrappers, unless otherwise stated. Where no size is given, the book is in 8vo.

Prices do not include value added tax (VAT).

Packaging is included, postage and insurance are extra. All foreign orders should be paid in advance, except from Institutions and well known customers.

Please ensure that cheques are in SEK and payable without charges to: Antiquaria Bok- och Bildantikvariat AB. Otherwise we will have to charge you the exchange charge of (currently) SEK 175.

CreditCards, (Master Card, Eurocard and VISA) are welcome. Please state type of card, card number, expiry date and the name on the card.

Books are storaged elsewere, if You want to view or fetch a book, please give a few days notice.

Any items which do not correspond to our description may be returned within 14 days of receipt. Please contact us before returning any items.

All goods remains the property of the Vendor until fully paid.

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